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Hacker found to be selling 142 million MGM hotel guests’ details online

MGM Resorts
MGM Resorts

There is now a report that should concern everyone who has ever visited the MGM hotels anywhere around the world. You might have seen that there was a massive hack last year related to the MGM Hotels where they officially acknowledged that their systems trespassed and that guests’ information was stolen. Now, the new report from dark web seems to suggest that the hack we all knew about was much bigger than anticipated. What if we tell you that there were millions of guest records stolen from that leak and they are now being sold on the dark web.

Well, that is sadly but exactly what is happening right now as we have seen a report revealing the hacker who hacked inside the system selling records of more than 142 million guests who have visited MGM hotels anywhere before 2019. From the number of visitor information, we can definitely know that the leak was much bigger but MGM Hotels rubbished it as a minor one. If you want to know about the leak that took place, you can search for MGM Resorts 2019 data breach and you will get all the information.

The ad placed on the dark web, attached above, shows that the hacker is selling the information of “142,479,937 MGM hotel guests for a price just over $2,900”. MGM Resorts have now said that they informed all the guests whose data was stolen that their data has been compromised and that they should change their credentials.

While MGM Resorts did not make anything public regarding the incident, they claim that “MGM Resorts was aware of the scope of this previously reported incident from last summer and has already addressed the situation,”. They also added that “the vast majority of data consisted of contact information like names, postal addresses, and email addresses.” which is fine if there was no collection of credit cards and stuff.