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Hacker group claims responsibility for the Atlanta police site going down

Website hacked
Website hacked

We have had a lot of incidents in recent times when there has been a company getting hacked or some company’s security being breached. It is obvious that when something happens to a website, it has to be taken down due to safety reasons. A similar incident happened over the weekend where Atlanta Police’s website was taken down but this time, it was because of a hack that had happened and one of the famous hacking group has also taken responsibility for the same.

Now, this hack does not seem because of the Coronavirus but because of the “Black Lives Matter” protests that are going on for quite some time in the US. This hacking group named “Anonymous” is famous for carrying similar hacking incidents and they even have a Twitter account to announce their hacks. Their latest announcement read: “Anonymous has taken action against Atlanta PD for the execution of #RayshardBrooks, we call for the arrest of the two murderers. No more impunity”.

In addition, we have reports that “Other twitter accounts that claimed affiliation with Anonymous referenced the apparent cyber attack and called for the officers’ arrests”. This clearly seems to be a motivated hack which is in order to bring justice and support the protests that are happening against the cruel behaviour shown against Blacks in the US by some police officers.

We are now hearing reports that the Minneapolis Police Department which is responsible for the killing of George Floyd also had a similar incident where its website was taken down. And it is likely that the Anonymous hacking group was behind that as well.

At the moment, we do not know if this was a ransomware attack or a simple DDoS attack but it likely that it was the latter because the Atlanta Police Department’s site was up after a few hours of downtime.