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Hacker group found to be selling data of 73M+ users on dark web

Hacking group
Hacking group

We have seen how the dark web has become very popular for everything that is not illegal on the regular web. Everything you can think of that is shady, criminal activity, as well as selling and buying of stuff that is not legal, happens on the dark web in a way that no one can catch them. Now, we know that hacking is one of the biggest problems right now and the dark web is famous for that as well. We have found tons of reports where hackers are selling accounts on the dark web that have been breached by them.

In a new report regarding the same, hackers have been selling more than 73 million accounts on the dark web. The report mentions that this is being done by a hacker group going by the name of “ShinyHunters” which is obviously not their real name and identity of individuals can’t be found out since it is on the alternate web. We have also been told that the 73 million+ user records are not from a single source or website but they are from 10 different websites.

The interesting part about this hack is that the hacker group is same as the one which was involved in hacking Tokopedia, Indonesia’s largest online store, last week. These hackers have put Tokopedia’s entire database of 91 million users online and are selling them for $5000. It is being said that these hackers were encouraged that they would get this much amount for sale of Tokopedia’s database.

For that reason, they have now hacked 10 different websites and put their database for sale. This time around, the database consists of 73.2 million user records and they are from different niche websites such as online food delivery, dating website, newspapers, printing services and magazines. This is the reason why hackers are selling this database for $18,000.