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Hacker named ‘Invisible God’ has reportedly sold access to 135 companies


We have seen a lot of reports over the last few months revealing that a certain company was hacked last year or even reports mentioning that hackers have gained access to companies at the beginning of this year.

However, these are all reports of a company or two or a group of companies but there was no widespread hacking report that had emerged out of the last few months. But we have that report now as there is a hack that has emerged claimed to be done by a hacker called “Invisible God”.

It is said that this hacker has gained access to as many as 135 companies in the last three years ever since he has emerged from nowhere and that he has also been targeting companies from all over the internet spanning across different categories.

As per a report, this hacker has targeted companies such as “Major antivirus companies, banks, insurance providers, government agencies, large hotels, wineries, restaurants, airlines”. This should tell you that there is hardly any type of company that has been left out of this hacker’s radar.

There is also a new report that claims the hacker to be a male from Kazakhstan and that he has already made $1.5 million so far due to this hacks. Last year when this hacker claimed to have hacked into companies such as McAfee, Symantec and Trend Micro, he was also selling access “to the antivirus software source code and various product design documents for $300,000”.

As per this report from a security research firm, “Fxmsp always scans a range of IP addresses within a city or a country for certain open ports. Based on the cybercriminal’s messages posted on underground forums, to do so he uses a popular software called Masscan as well as more advanced scanners,”. It is worth noting that this hacker has an alias name of Fxmsp.