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Hacker trying to break Ohio’s tool for reporting workers staying at home during pandemic

Hacking script
Hacking script

We have seen that many countries and their citizens are now debating the idea of extending the lockdown or opening things up despite the Coronavirus pandemic showing no signs of going away. Now, the argument here is that while lockdown is great and all but it is not something that we can sustain for long. People won’t be able to survive inside their homes for too long without any economic activity since most of their savings have already been going fast. Due to that reason, we are seeing governments agreeing to this demand from the public and opening up certain things with restrictions so that some activity can be possible.

However, we are getting reports that one hacker is trying to break the system as a mark of protest. As we mentioned earlier, some people are against the idea of not extending the lockdown and opening things. Therefore, this hacker is known to be spamming the Ohio system put in place. According to the report, Ohio has lifted restrictions and has told workers to return to their workplaces. However, there is an option for those who don’t want to return to report that they are staying at home. This means that they are essentially filing for unemployment since they are fired.

This hacker has a strong opposition to that and he has released a script which submits junk data through the form, aiming to drown out the real reports from employers. This system is put in place for those who “voluntarily stopped working out of disease fears instead of being laid off”

According to the hacker, he has made this system to show people that such systems should not be encouraged. “What I’m hoping is that, whether people use this exact code or not, they see it’s possible for people to take direct action against these sort of snitch programs,”