Home Cyber Security Hackers are infecting tools of other hackers with malware as per reports

Hackers are infecting tools of other hackers with malware as per reports

Hackers getting hacked
Hackers getting hacked

While we have seen plenty of innovative ways in which hackers have targeted people and have hacked into their systems to gain advantage and information regarding them, we have a different case altogether in the latest report. It is now known that hackers are not directly targeting people but they are targeting hackers as well. Yes, the hacking community is also not safe from the hacking because a new report reveals that the hacking tools of different hackers are also being targetted due to this pandemic situation.

It is known that there is a new hacking campaign where hackers are getting attacked and their tools used for hacking are being damaged with malware inside them. Also, this means that the tools that are used to insert malware inside other’ systems are itself getting the malware which is something that we have never seen or read before today.

According to the report, Cybereason’s Amit Serper says that “the attackers in this years-long campaign are taking existing hacking tools — some of which are designed to exfiltrate data from a database through cracks and product key generators that unlock full versions of trial software — and injecting a powerful remote-access trojan. When the tools are opened, the hackers gain full access to the target’s computer”.

In a new twist according to the report, the hackers are getting baited because the hackers that are running this campaign are posting those tools used by hackers but they are repackaged with malware inside them which the unsuspecting hackers don’t take care about. The problem here is that “If hackers are targeting you or your business and they are using these trojanized tools it means that whoever is hacking the hackers will have access to your assets as well,” Therefore, the hackers will get attacked but it will impact the users as well which is a double whammy.