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Hackers are outrageously taking advantage of coronavirus to trick normal users

COVID-19 tracker
COVID-19 tracker

One thing we know about the cybersecurity world is that there are good actors and there are bad actors. Now, we do know that the good actors are also hackers but those who hack the company in a good way and disclose the vulnerabilities from their POV without revealing it to the public and taking advantage.

On the other hand, we have bad actors who are hackers taking advantage of a bug or vulnerability in the system. While that has been happening quite a lot, we also have scenarios where it just gets too much.

For example, there is currently a severe Coronavirus outbreak all over the world and everyone is concerned due to it. In these times, we expect hackers to stay quiet and help people if they can. But the hackers are doing what is the worst thing to do in this situation.

According to the security researchers, they are misguiding people with fake domains and fake websites for their advantage. Now, we seriously don’t know what motivates them to do so and it is a shameful thing to do in this pandemic times as well.

However, we have to accept the fact and stay vigilant because there is very little we can do right now and stay aware is one of the best. Another shameful incident was when most notably an attack aimed at a popular interactive COVID-19 tracking map maintained by Johns Hopkins University took place.

It is important to follow certain basic instructions to stay safe from hacking in this situation. While the best thing to do amidst COVID-19 is to wash your hands regularly, the best thing to avoid getting hacked is not to open any suspicious links or download attachments as they might contain some sort of spyware. Hackers are also sending messages regarding the COVID-19 epidemic that pretend to be from CDC but they are obviously phishing attempts.