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Hackers claim to have breached popular Android app store with millions of users


If you have seen how the mobile platforms work, you would know that there are two different platforms currently popular which are Android and iOS. Now, Android is an open-source platform developed by Google where Apple is responsible for making iOS and it is close sourced.

Talking about iOS, we have only one app store for downloading apps which is the Apple App Store. However, the case with Android app stores is different. While we have Google’s Play Store which is default on all smartphones powered by Android, OEMs also have their own app stores such as Samsung store or the Huawei App Store.

After that, we also have third-party stores such as Aptoide for example that have the apk files available on the official store with the promise that you can get paid apps for free here. Now, hackers have claimed that a popular Android store which is not from either Google or OEMs has been hacked. This makes us think that it is likely to be Aptoide which is currently the most popular.

Aptoide is said to have a million apps right now and it also claims to enjoy a 150 million-strong userbase. Now, there are no further details about hackers claim of hacking the app store or revealing details about the particular store but Aptoide says that “all the apps are checked for viruses, and we perform extra security tests to ensure your Android device is always safe.”

This hacker says that they have stolen 39 million customer records and has published details of 20 million of them, including login emails and hashed passwords, on a popular hacker forum. Now, we have not found these leaked data on any hacking forums or any reports regarding them so far. But it does seem like the hack in question is from Aptoide even though the company claims it is safe.