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Hackers get into architecture firm Zaha Hadid, threaten to leak data

Zaha Hadid
Zaha Hadid

We have one more hacking incident for you today and this is one that relates to the world of architecture. It can also be said that the hackers have been done something big here as a very reputed brand has been hacked in the field of architecture. We are talking about the architecture firm Zaha Hadid and they are said to be under a hacking attack. It is also known that their systems have been infected and there is nothing they can do to avoid the attack. However, there is something very big at stake right now for the company.

Because it is known that Zaha Hadid’s information has not been accessed and stolen but it has also been encrypted and that the hackers are demanding a huge amount of money as ransom in order to decrypt the data and hand it back to them or else leak the same on the dark web which will not only be dangerous but damaging for firm’s projects.

As per a report from ZDNet, it is revealed that they “learned of the incident from a source last week but was also contacted by the hackers today, who reached out to share a link to the website where they plan to release ZHA data”.

The report adds that these hacking incident has involved a lot of information for the firm and its employees and reveals that it included payroll records, bank documents, files holding employee details, life insurance details, employee contracts, email inbox dumps, and more. Other files included the SSL certificate for the Zaha-Hadid.com website and user account credentials for the company’s Active Directory server.

According to the hackers, Zaha Hadid’s employees have also been involved in extra-marital affairs and that they have made their clients pay for the same which will be revealed if the ransom is not paid.