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Hackers have now hit every country on earth with COVID-19 attacks

Hacking attempts
Hacking attempts

It was said that hackers are not leaving even a pandemic situation and they are taking advantage of the same in order to hack into systems and gain information that might be crucial to them. However, there are attacks as well which have revealed that the data is being sold on the dark web meaning that it is done just for the money.

On the other hand, it is seen that hospital, government agencies, as well as doctors, are attacked the most in this situation. Also, WHO and China are under attacks because most of the non-Chinese countries believe they are responsible for this virus’ spread.

As far as a new report is concerned, there has been a map created by none other than Microsoft which reveals the extent of this hacking attempts and how far they have been spread across the world. As per this map, it can be seen that hackers have not sparred any country in the world with their COVID-19 attacks and all the countries have seen this type of attacks.

“Every country in the world has seen at least one COVID-19 themed attack,” says Microsoft as it adds that 241 countries and territories have seen these type of attacks. It is also said that the hackers are targeting those countries where the effect of this pandemic is the worst because those are the countries where people look for information regarding this disease the most.

Therefore, it is quite obvious that the hacking is most in countries such as Italy, Spain, the US and the Europe including the UK. Also, these hackers are not only limited to phishing or traditional hacking but they are also involved in “Zoombombing” which can also be seen as a denial-of-service attack. On the other hand, it is revealed that Chinese hackers were not able to work from home during lockdown so the hacking attempts came to a halt.