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Hackers Now Able To Clone Keys Without Even Getting Anywhere Near Your House!

Physical Security Key
Physical Security Key

Hackers now have a new way to break into your house without even letting you know anything about the attack.

In a recent research paper which was published by the University of Singapore, it was clearly stated that attackers can now use your key sound to make clone keys for your house.

If you listen closely then every time you unlock your door the key make a certain amount of sound. The attackers can use this sound to crash into your house when you are not around.

As per the researchers of the University of Singapore namely Soundarya Ramesh, Harini Ramprasad, and Jun Han, “When a victim inserts a key into the door lock, an attacker walking by records the sound with a smartphone microphone,”

The hackers can install the malware in your smart devices which can record the sound that your key is making when you are unlocking your draw, this will make their attack very easy.

SpiKey is the recording which will help the thief to identify the time between the audible click so that he can determine the distance between the elevations along the key. This kind of information will help the chief to clone keys.

The only problems that the attacker can face are-
First, ensuring the type of lock. Second, the speed at which the victim is inserting the key in the lock. Although, both of these problems can be solved very quickly and without any further interrogation.

They also have a list of malware that they can install on your mobile phone. It will make the cloning of the key easier. Moreover, smart locks can directly be hijacked by hackers easily.

The only way to defeat the attackers is to make a little sound when you are unlocking the door. Your sound will defy the key unlocking sound!