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Hackers now target India’s Prime Minister Modi’s Twitter Account to gain cryptocurrency

Twitter hack
Twitter hack

The Twitter account of the Indian President Narendra Modi was hacked recently by some hackers. The Twitter account was for the personal website of Indian Prime Minister. After the account got hacked a series of tweets were sent to the users of Twitter. In the tweets, it was said to donate some cryptocurrency amount to a relief fund. As per the official statement of Twitter, it is said that the platform was aware of the malicious activity and have already taken steps to secure the account. Recently, many of the accounts were hacked by many of these types of hackers.

Some big names including Tesla founder Elon Musk was the victim of one such hacking attack made possible through Twitter. US presidential hopeful Joe Biden was also one of the victims of these attacks. The attacks were undertaken in the month of July. Cybercrime rate has been rising rapidly because of technological advancement. Many of the people are witnessing hacking of their social media accounts. The official Twitter handle of Prime Minister Narendra Modi website has more than 2.5 million followers on the platform. The personal account of the Prime Minister was not affected in the hacking. His personal account consists of 61 million followers.

The tweets by the hackers are taken down by the platform. In the tweets, it was stated to donate a cryptocurrency amount to the Prime Minister National Relief Fund. Twitter has also recently announced about the 130 accounts which were targeted by major cyber attack hackers. All of the accounts were of big celebrities. As per Twitter, hackers were not able to control any account. Recently, accounts of Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Kanye West and Bill Gates were hacked. Tweets were posted about donating Bitcoin. The hackers were able to access Twitter’s internal administration tools. The hackers were able to receive more than $100,000