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Healthcare systems hacked from Ultah: 112000 Patients’ data at risk

Russian hacker
Russian hacker

An employee email account was hacked in the month of June at Ulta Pathology services. Around 112,000 patients’ data was affected by the hack. The hack was discovered on 30th June. The report suggests that the hacker tried to redirect funds from the specialist. This was done after the hacker gained access from an employee email account. although, the officials of Ulta has clearly stated that the attempt was not successful at all by the hackers. They have also said that the patients’ data was not hacked directly by hackers. The hackers did not use the patients’ data directly for the hack.

An investigation was made by the authorities. An outside IT security and forensics firm was also involved in the investigation. The officials have discovered that some of the patient information was accessible to the hacker during the hack. The hacked data can include the patients’ names, contact information, insurance details, medical and health information, clinical and diagnostic information, and Social Security numbers. The company is doing its best to add some social security measures.

The Maze ransomware threat actors and the REvil hacking group have posted some confidential data that is hacked by two such incidents. The two healthcare units are conducting operations related to COVID. Maze group has also posted screenshots of the data. The screenshots have at least 5 per cent of the data stolen. On the other hand, REvil gang has already leaked some of the data from Valley Health.

A recent attack was also undertaken on Dynasplint Systems, a healthcare manufacturer. The data of around 103,000 patients have been breached by hackers. The attack was carried out on 16th of May. The hackers are said to have accessed the systems of the organisation. The data which is stolen includes names, contact details, Social Security numbers, medical information, and dates of birth.