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Homoglyph attacks used by Magecart group to trick users into clicking sites


We have heard this being used in the hacking world where most of the hacking attacks take place because people are getting tricked into doing things that they don’t want to in the first place. For example, you get an email where an excellent offer is going on for a product that you really want and so you click on that email. However, the website that opens is a different one and by the time you close it your details have already been collected by the hacker. This is known as spoofing in the computer terms where someone dupes you in the pretext of something else.

Now, a new report has come to our notice and we thought that this is definitely worth sharing with our readers. It has been reported that Magecart which is a popular hacking group has been using a technique to trick users into clicking websites. This trick is known as homoglyph technique which is also said to be a new credit card skimming trick. Now, the word “homoglyph” may sound tricky to you and you would be like this is a very sophisticated attack. Well, it is far from that and the word “tricky” suits this technique pretty much to the core.

Because the homoglyph technique relies on the fact that people don’t notice the difference between a real address and a fake one. For example, you are going to facebook.com which is totally legitimate but a hacker sends you a link to Faceb00k.com then some people might get tricked to click it which is an address to get your information. Notice that we used two zeros instead of ‘o’ in the address but many phones show the zeros and Os to be same so people can be tricked easily and this is how the homoglyph technique of skimming works.