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Houseparty claims many Twitter posts spreading hacking rumors have gone

Houseparty is secure
Houseparty is secure

Houseparty is one app that is trending for both the right and the wrong reasons and everyone has been talking about the app right now. Now, we have used the app for the first time ever since the lockdown came to be and we have quite loved the app. However, there are obvious privacy concerns with the app and you will have to live with them. But more so than the privacy concerns, there were reports that Houseparty app is leading to hacking as well. This is because many Twitter users starting saying that their accounts connected to Houseparty were getting hacked.

Now you would see those posts and believe it as did everyone else who used the app. But as it turns out, Houseparty denied those reports saying that they have not seen anything suggesting they are under attack. Also, they said that this looks to be a smear campaign against them and they must have had some evidence to say this. Later, Houseparty also said they are launching a $1 million bug bounty to anyone who tells them about this smear campaign.

It now looks like Houseparty was right after all and the company is not letting things settle as they are but instead telling everyone about it. Because the company has once again come forward and they are claiming that the original Twitter threads where it was said that the app is getting their accounts hacked has disappeared meaning it has been deleted by their original posters.

the company said that “It’s a disheartening situation for a service like ours that’s bringing people much needed face-to-face social connections and empathy at a critical time.” Having said that, Houseparty still has not been given a clean chit because Twitter is yet to find any evidence of a campaign on their platform regarding this incident.