Home Cyber Security Huge Ransomware Attack At Carnival Cruise puts Customer Data At Risk

Huge Ransomware Attack At Carnival Cruise puts Customer Data At Risk

Ransomware attack steps
Ransomware attack steps

The victim of the latest ransomware attack was one of the most famous Anglo-American Cruise company which is counted among the world largest cruise operators.

The ransomware attack was detected by the concerned authorities of Carnival on a Saturday evening. The attack was directed towards the IT systems of Carnival.

By that time the hackers were able to encrypt one of the IT systems. As per the latest update by the concerned authorities of Carnival, it is said that “Promptly upon its detection of the security event, the company launched an investigation and notified law enforcement and engaged legal counsel and other incident-response professionals,”

Like a responsible multinational company, the concerned authorities of Carnival has already informed the responsible authorities of the hacking. A proper investigation upon the mishappening is taking place right now. The number of people affected by the attack is still unclear.

Reinforcement of data security is also taking place. The carnival authorities are working with top cybersecurity companies to build their data security system.

“Based on its preliminary assessment and on the information currently known (in particular, that the incident occurred in a portion of a brand’s information technology systems), the company does not believe the incident will have a material impact on its business, operations or financial results,” the authorities at carnival addressed.

This attack can be a bit stressful for the people of the carnival company. The businesses at the sea are already facing great losses because of the coronavirus pandemic. A lot of people are avoiding cruise because there is a high risk of getting infected in the sea.

The pandemic is particularly not stopping the ransomware attacks in the US. The US is definitely seeing a spike in the cases of ransomware attacks especially during the quarantine period which was imposed earlier this year.