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Internal report finds that CIA’s Elite unit failed to secure its own systems allowing massive leak


There has been a lot of talk about how the cybersecurity all over the world has been compromised recently and that the security needs to be tightened so that the hackers don’t get access to a lot of information online. It is also known how the Coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of security incidents, large and small, and also caused damage to the companies that have been compromised as a result. Now, there is a new report which has been leaked and this one might take the cake of the largest data breach in history because it is related to the US’ CIA agency.

Everyone knows that CIA is the most important agency in the US and also around the world when it comes to investigating cases and other stuff. But what if we tell you that the agency known for keeping others secure failed to do so for their own systems. According to an internal report that has leaked out, an Elite unit of CIA has been found out of failure to keep their own systems secure which is responsible for theft of top-secret computer hacking tools that are available to them.

This incident goes back to 2016 but it has just been revealed because of obvious security reasons. An internal report also says that the CIA hackers “prioritized building cyber weapons at the expense of securing their own systems,” due to their workplace culture. This information was found out by Wikileaks an year later of which Julian Assange is the mastermind. US officials have even gone on to say that “it was the biggest unauthorized disclosure of classified information in the CIA’s history, causing the agency to shut down some intelligence operations and alerting foreign adversaries to the spy agency’s techniques” as per ZDNet report. This internal report also says that security procedures inside this department were “woefully lax”.