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‘Invisible God’ identity revealed thanks to criminal charges

Kazakh hacker
Kazakh hacker

Last week, we did a report about a hacker named “Invisible God” and the damage he has done to the cybersecurity world so far. It is known that the hacker has posed a huge threat so far and it is also known that the damage he can do further is even more. On the other hand, the name “Invisible God” is given to the said hacker because he is invisible as his identity is not known so far. However, some reports did suggest that he is from Kazakhstan as found from some footprints he had left.

Now, criminal charges have been found against him and they reveal the whole story about this “Invisible God”. This charge sheet reveals that this man really is from Kazakhstan and also the fact that he has hit 44 countries so far. It is known that the said hacker is a 37-year-old Kazakh man and that he has made 1.5 million dollars so far due to his stealing of information. In general, the hacker is known for his alias name of Fxmsp as every hacker has their identity such as this one.

Not only the fact that this hacker is a 37-year-old Kazakhstan man, his name has also been revealed which is said to be Andrey Turchin. One report also mentions that the method used by this hacker is “very simple, yet effective” while some say that his way of operations is still unknown to most people.

It is also said that “Fxmsp is one of the most prolific sellers of access to corporate networks in the history of the Russian-speaking cybercriminal underground,” and security researchers add that “Despite rather simplistic methods he used, Fxmsp managed to gain access to energy companies, government organizations, and even some Fortune 500 firms.” while he has earned so much selling those data.