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Israeli startup Axis Security raises $17 million Series A for control over private application access

Axis Security founders
Axis Security founders

While we know that everyone around the world is worried about the Coronavirus, it is also a fact that things should not stop because that will dampen the spirits even more. For that reason, we know that employees have been told to work from home as much as they can. Therefore, it also poses a challenge of security which is because the home internet is more vulnerable to threats rather than the office environment which is much more secure.

Now, there are security companies that are exactly there for the person of keeping things tight and not letting anything slip. And it looks like this is the best time for those companies as more and more companies are starting to make their employees work from home. In between all of this, an Israeli startup named Axis Security has emerged out of nowhere and has announced a funding round of $17 million in order to launch a “purpose-built, cloud-based security and analytics platform that gives organizations control over private application access”.

According to an expert, “Existing approaches to secure application access are a network focused and primarily use a VPN — posing a lot of difficulties when connecting and managing partners. The ability to circumvent the network to access applications makes a lot more sense for third parties, employees and security teams,”

Axis Security’s CEO says that “Enabling access to the basic tools of digital transformation should not be one of the biggest risks an organization takes,”. “We’re giving IT teams what they’ve been lacking when it comes to applications and that is a single managed solution for access, security, control, and scalability without the complexity.”

It is known that the platform from Axis Security was being developed since the last 18 months and we have to say that the timing of its launch couldn’t have been more appropriate. The company says that they already expect “multiple Fortune 500 customers”