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JD.com known to be using AI to connect customers with commerce

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It is known that the applications of AI are endless and it is for the right person to understand where they can apply this technology to make the best out of it. We also know that many have started to use AI in order to get simple things done that would have instead taken a long time or resources to be completed. One example of using AI instead of manual labour is customer service. We can deploy AI applications to give a particular response to a customer which would typically require someone to manually type a response.

Now, this goes both ways as we have also seen cases where customers have gone away because they have AI chatbots answering their questions while they need more specific details that would require a human to answer. When the customer feels like they are not getting relevant answers to their query, they go away never to come back again. However, JD.com which is China’s biggest e-commerce retailer has found a unique way to apply AI to make ends meet.

JD.com’s statement reveals that the situation for AI is different in China as compared to the US. “Basically, when the customer presses order and the item is delivered, they’re part of a wholly-formed process on the front- and back-end,” he said. “If they have any questions, they’re easily connected to the customer service, they are authenticated, they are updated. I think that in China all these services are more integrated because I think, it’s just that the underlying systems are more connected.”

Now, we have already seen this being done by Amazon where they deploy a chatbot to answer basic questions regarding the order. However, the customer can talk to a service agent if required in minutes to solve queries which need more thinking to be done.