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LineageOS servers breached by hacked via unpatched vulnerability


Now, we have been saying this for a while that hacking incidents in the time of Coronavirus have been increasing and it is a well-known fact that security issues are popping for almost everyone right now. Also, there have been phishing campaigns detected and almost every other institution is sending their customers messages saying not to click on links that look suspicious because they may be fraudulent. Now, it is known that hackers have been targeting educational as well as medical sector till now. However, we know that hackers will get into anything that they find vulnerable.

Going by that well-known fact, we have this new report which reveals that Android’s biggest custom ROM maker website has been hacked. We are talking about LineageOS which has reported that their servers were hacked and that the hackers got into its servers because of a known vulnerability that was unpatched. At the same time, LineageOS developers have said that hackers were not able to do anything to the custom ROM’s source code as well as OS builds and the signing keys are safe as well.

Now, those who follow the Android world closely will know the popularity that LineageOS has in the custom ROM world and millions of Android users use it on a daily basis and most of them use in on their primary phones. If the hackers would have managed to infect builds of ROM, it would be nasty for users as they become the most vulnerable.

The best part is that LineageOS developers were able to detect the hacking incident before the hackers could do anything which is why the damage was avoided. They also reported the incident less than 3 hours after it happened when everything was under control. They also revealed builds weren’t affected and they have also been stopped since April 30 due to other issues.