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Majority of security professionals trust cybersecurity findings by human over AI

AI-based findings
AI-based findings

It is a fact that AI is taking over our lives in many ways that we could never have imagined. There are also talks about how AI could be taking jobs that were traditionally done by humans. Also, AI is taking over the cybersecurity field as many of the new findings have been made by computers instead of humans. However, we have seen numerous reports where people say that they trust humans even if AI is more accurate.

Now, a new report has emerged on these lines which says that even security professionals prefer a finding that has been verified by humans over those that have been verified by AI. These research findings were outed at the RSA conference where the data showed that out of 102 industry professionals who were included in the survey, more than 60% “use an application security tool, and more than 40 per cent of those application security solutions use both AI-based and human-based verification”.

However, 70% of the professionals in the field of security agreed that AI helped them eliminate 55% of the mundane tasks that they had to do prior to the invention of AI in their field. WhiteHat Security CTO said that “With the growing cyber threat landscape, it is imperative for security tools and organizations to have a combination of both AI and the human element so there can be continuous risk evaluation with verified results,”

As far as the risks of AI are concerned, he said that “For all its advantages, AI is still heavily reliant on humans to be successful. Human monitoring and continuous input are required if AI software is to successfully learn and adapt. This is why the human element will never be completely eradicated from the security process.” From the research, 40% of professionals also said that their stress levels went down due to AI.