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Many Incidents of being Zoom-bombed are surfacing online


With every new situation, we have a new solution to that but there are a lot of problems that emerge out of that situation as well. For example, we have the COVID-19 pandemic situation right now which means that everyone should stay at home and practice social distancing meaning no meetings and that applies to office-goers as well. Therefore, people have taken to meeting virtually with the help of video conferencing and Zoom has emerged out to be the best platform for that purpose.

Talking about Zoom, while everything was going right for the platform and everyone was using it, it has emerged that Zoom has been lying about a few things. First of all, it is worth noting that Zoom meetings are not end-to-end encrypted and there are other issues too. Now, a new incident has come to light regarding Zoom where it is known that people are “Zoom-bombing” others on the platform. If you have heard of photo-bombing, this is similar to that but the difference here is that people are coming on other’s video conferences.

According to a report, the people who are Zoom-bombing others are not only intruding private space but also saying controversial things. One report mentions that “the culprit infiltrated church meetings held over Zoom to shout the words “child porn,” “Heil Hiter,” and “I’m the Devil””. Not only that, the same video shows that the person Zoom-bombing these church meeting also calls out specific attendees, saying he wants to have sexual intercourse with them.

Now, this is not only embarrassing but a breach of privacy as well. Another video on YouTube, having close to 100k views, “features the hijacker telling a participant to “show their breasts” while calling a different attendee a “paedophile””. This is happening because of the fact that people are doing public meeting as well as sharing links to the meeting online which anyone can join.