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Microsoft AI and Bode partner to form ‘digital quilt expert’ platform

Bode and Microsoft AI partnership
Bode and Microsoft AI partnership

We have seen that there are a lot of fans of antique pieces and artwork and people love to collect them. However, it is mostly seen that antique pieces have a place in elderly houses and most of them are showpieces in modern homes.

Therefore, it is also understood that there is no use of technology in this regards. It is unthinkable that AI would help in any way with the quilting industry but that has just happened. Because the luxury menswear brand Bode has partnered with Microsoft to create a first-of-its-kind “digital quilt expert” platform.

This platform is an archive of thousands of antique quilt patterns with the help of artificial intelligence to draw from those archives and identify patterns in new textiles that the team at Bode will upload to their platform. The “Bode Vault” will also get better at identifying uploaded quilt patterns as the digital archive grows.

Now, the fact that Bode makes luxury quilted clothing for men and claims that no two pieces are the same means that it is important to differentiate between different fabrics in quilting to make the process simpler. The final product from Bode goes for anywhere between $300 to $1000 so it is important to separate one-of-a-kind fabric from a pile at the Bode studio.

This was previously a task done manually where the team had to differentiate between different fabrics on their own and this was obviously time-consuming but that process will now become much quicker. There is also another purpose of the archive which is that “After a designer uploads an image of a quilt, the system spits back information that corresponds to the pattern”.

Bode CEO says that “I believe this technology can be used not only to keep an archive for our own use, but I believe that it can begin to teach others little intricacies that would otherwise be lost,”