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Microsoft recommends patching exchange servers because they are under attack

Exchange servers
Exchange servers

We have seen that there are different types of email methods used around the world and one type of email used is with the help of exchange servers. These servers are set up by organizations that have their own domain and email systems and want their employees to exchange emails from that server only rather than going to the outside world for doing the same. Now, we know that the security of exchange servers is better than the regular email servers because the companies can control it themselves rather than relying on software giants. But we now have a new concern that has popped up for exchange servers as well.

According to the latest report from Microsoft, it has been said that the companies that are using exchange servers need to patch their systems because the company is seeing a lot of attacks on different exchange servers since April of this year. This is also the same time that Coronavirus lockdowns were at a peak all over the world and employees were working from home for most. So it is likely that the security of these exchange servers would have been compromised but the issue is that Microsoft is seeing it happen a lot which is not healthy at all.

It is also not the first time that Microsoft has told organizations to patch their email exchange servers but we have been told that the companies have ignored Microsoft’s advise and have kept the systems as it is and they are now seeing the results of that ignorance. Now, security researchers say that “Drop everything and patch this vulnerability immediately,” telling you how important it is to patch these bugs before it gets too late. As per one research, over 350,000 exchange servers have been breached due to this bug on the internet as they were not patched.