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Microsoft’s antivirus software is coming to iOS and Android for enterprise cybersecurity

Microsoft Defender
Microsoft Defender

One of the moves that major technology companies are making right now is to focus more on enterprise users rather than normal users. Now, we know that there are lots and lots of companies that develop for both normal users and enterprise ones. But it is a fact that most of their revenue comes from enterprise users since they are the ones who pay for the software. On the other hand, normal users would just like to use it for free or even pirate or use the software without buying it.

Therefore, we also expect the enterprise users to get better service who also deserve to get it. Now, it has come to our notice that Microsoft has announced something huge related to Android and iOS enterprise users. The announcement is that Microsoft’s antivirus software for Windows called the Windows Defender is coming to mobile platforms namely iOS and Android.

Microsoft says that its enterprise antivirus software will be available not only for Android and iOS but also for Linux starting later this year. This means that the company is clearly targetting the enterprise users and gain even more audience apart from Windows enterprise users. Now, this also makes Microsoft one of the companies providing antivirus software but it is also a reputed one which makes their case much stronger.

This move, according to Microsoft, is targeted towards employees of the enterprises so that they don’t fall for phishing emails and also to detect insider threats. Microsoft explains that the insider threat involves people who are employed at the moment but might be leaving the company soon. “Let’s say I resigned from Microsoft tomorrow, and I give my two weeks notice”. “Insider risk management gives the organization, with the right HR and legal permissions, the ability to monitor me much more closely”.