Home News Millions of Android tablets are at risk of a cyberattack: Report

Millions of Android tablets are at risk of a cyberattack: Report

Android tablets
Android tablets

If you have observed the smartphone industry, you must be aware that Android is believed to weaker in terms of security compared to iOS. Now, there are various reports which reveal that the claim is not true. However, we know that there is a problem with Android which is not so much with Apple and iOS. This problem is the update process on Android which is much more slower than iOS. This means that smartphones and tablets on Android are often on an older platform.

Now, a new report claims that Android tablets in millions are at risk of getting hacked because of the fact that they run an older version of Android. While Google claims that its latest version of Android is the best ever in security, this claim falls on the face when the devices are not updated to it. Similarly, the Android tablets we are talking about all run on Android KitKat which was released quite a few years back. At that time, security was not the best for Android and they still run on the same platform.

Therefore, it is necessary that these tablets get updated or else they are at huge risk of getting hacked and attacked on the internet. The report says that “Up to a billion Android smartphones still run on version 6.x or older and unpatched devices are at significant risk of being infected with malware”. As for the tablets, they are still on Android 4.4 which is even older so the risk is even higher.

It is recommended for owners of tablets running on Android KitKat to see if there is an update available for their devices. However, we know that the last update these devices got was in 2017 when a security issue came to notice. Also, Google has stopped working on Android for tablets so there is that issue as well.