Home News New Mac ransomware is more dangerous than expected as per reports

New Mac ransomware is more dangerous than expected as per reports

Mac ransomware
Mac ransomware

We have heard over the years from Apple and other players in the industry that Apple is a company that takes security very seriously. This was when people were not much concerned about their security only. However, things have changed and other companies have started to care about security too because they were seeing customers go away from them due to security issues. Due to this reason, we can now say that all the products in the market are secure at best while some of them are more secure over the others.

Having said that, it is also true that none of the products from Apple or anyone else are unhackable meaning that people can enter them if they really want to. Right on cue, we have a new report from the cybersecurity industry where a new Mac ransomware has been found which is named as ThiefQuest or EvilQuest.

Now, this ransomware is originally a malware with evil intentions that can turn into ransomware as well as spyware that is reportedly able to steal passwords as well as credit card numbers which are two worst things you would want to lose.

According to the information found from researching this malware, it is known that “ThiefQuest has a whole other set of spyware capabilities that allow it to exfiltrate files from an infected computer, search the system for passwords and cryptocurrency wallet data, and run a robust keylogger to grab passwords, credit card numbers, or other financial information as a user types it in”

In addition to this, the malware is extremely harmful as it “lurks persistently as a backdoor on infected devices, meaning it sticks around even after a computer reboots and could be used as a launchpad for additional, or “second stage,” attacks”. The threat is even bigger as Macs don’t usually have malware so this one is extra special.