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New type of ransomware attacks are stealing data and encrypting them too

Data theft
Data theft

Researchers have always warned people against many types of attacks that are going on around the world. While we do know that malware such as ransomware attacks as well as spyware, adware and others are circulating on the internet, there is a new ransomware warning given by researchers. This new warning also gives us an idea of how cybercriminals are bullying those who they are attacking right now. While we know that those who are attacked have no option but to pay money, many are refusing to do so as well.

Now, researchers say that cybercriminals are giving a double whammy to those who are attacked by first encrypting their data with the help of ransomware to ask for a ransom. However, they also steal the data rather than just encrypting it meaning that even if you pay, your data is with them and you can’t do anything about the same. Also, there is a good reason why people should not take these attackers’ warnings lightly because they have shown that data leaks have been done by them and will be done in the future.

One website that tracks all types of attacks claims that from “100,000 submissions related to ransomware attacks between January and June this year, 11,642 involved ransomware families overtly attempt to steal data – or just over 11%”. It is said that “All ransomware groups have the ability to exfiltrate data. While some groups overtly steal data and use the threat of its release as additional leverage to extort payment, other groups likely covertly steal it,”

Researchers also say that “While groups that steal covertly may not exfiltrate as much data as groups seeking to use it as leverage, they may well extract any data that has an obvious and significant market value or that can be used to attack other organizations.”