Home Cyber Security Newbie Hackers From Iran Target Companies In Asia, Using Dharma Ransomware

Newbie Hackers From Iran Target Companies In Asia, Using Dharma Ransomware

Iranian hackers
Iranian hackers

A new group of hackers has been identified by a cybersecurity firm called Group-IB. As per the reports, the hackers are called newbies in the industry. They attempted to hack systems in the countries of Asia. They tried to encrypt the networks with the version of the Dharma ransomware.

The countries which were targeted by the group are Russia, Japan, China, and India. These hackers are called newbies because the use Dharma ransomware to encrypt the files. Dharma ransomware was leaked earlier this year. As a result, it requires no development cause to use this ransomware. The group targeted the remote desktop protocol endpoints to encrypt and the network of the target.

Group- IB published the report about the attack on August 24th. The report made it clear that the hackers were not highly experienced in the job. They also use really simple tools to deploy the attack. There was a very low level of sophistication and the usage of really easy tactics.

The hackers are also said to use open source or publicly available hacking tools which can be directly downloaded from telegram hacking channels. The group was not even capable of developing their own hacking tools.

The hackers also demanded a very less ransom from the target. It ranged from 1 to 5 bitcoin which comes to around $10k to $50k. Greatly opposite from a big ransomware hacker group of Iran, SamSam this small gang did not catch the eye of the officials.

SamSam really did provide some destruction in the US for the year 2018. Although, it is said to disappear in December of the same year. The industry of hacking is increasing and booming day by day. The hackers are now following tutorials from the darknet and implementing it to get a ransom. The companies can still do the least to be prepared for these attacks