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Nintendo accounts reportedly getting hacked, company recommends 2FA


While we have been talking about hacking incidents and the fact that they are increasing quite a lot during this pandemic, we see reports increasing day by day and there has to be a reason behind it. Right now, we believe that users are not being secure and that might be the clearest logical solution to this.

On the other hand, a new report has emerged related to hacking and it concerns the gaming community. Because the report is related to Nintendo accounts of several users getting hacked right now.

Not only that, but these accounts are also then being used to buy Fortnite currency as well while spending real money from the cards of these users. It is said that the hacking incidents might have started around the time of the middle of March and they have increased in frequency ever since then. However, reports suggest that the incidents have been observed way more in the last weekend or so.

This is after hundreds of Nintendo users have been getting emails that their accounts have been logged-in from different IP addresses. These mails are also how users have been getting to know that their accounts are being accessed without their knowledge since some say they have been driving or doing some sort of work and not playing on Nintendo while these emails are received which is a clear giveaway of being hacked.

While the reason behind these hacks is not yet known, it is possible that hackers are using passwords leaked in data breaches at other sites to also gain access to Nintendo accounts. Now, Nintendo does know that user accounts are being hacked and they are said to be working on the same. In the meantime, they have recommended its users to enable 2-factor authentication where only the password is not enough to enter the account.