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North Korea Hackers Can Find Their Way Back To Hacking US Files

Malware research
Malware research

The US authorities have warned all of the companies in the country against the North Korean hacker gang which is said to resurge. The North Korean hacker gang will target the US financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world. A report and alert has been issued by the U.S. Department Of Homeland Security regarding the same issue. Many of the agencies of the United States including U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the FBI, the U.S. Cyber Command, and the Department of the Treasury are looking through the issues currently.

The ransomware attacks have been increasing day by day amidst the pandemic situation. The hackers from North Korea although have not been active from the last few years but they have reportedly been spotted again by the concerned authorities. The two main group of hackers from North Korea includes the Lazarus Group and the Beagleboyz. Both of the gangs are said to have reconstructed their teams and developed irreversible methods to carry on the hacks of cryptocurrency.

They were also responsible for the $2 billion stealing reported in the year 2015. The malware used by the Beagleboyz is COPPERHEDGE. This tool is specially used to target the cryptocurrency hacks. It can be used to run commands on compromise system. Also, used to exfiltrate stolen data. The North Korean hacker group is said to have a proper team and they are also targeting the ATMs of the country currently.

The latest cryptocurrency hack which was carried out by the Lazarus Group was done throughout jobs advertisement on LinkedIn. People were give fake jobs advertisements and then calls were made to them. Many of the individuals received fake job advertisements. Moreover, they were forced to receive WhatsApp calls from the hackers. One individual also received phishing messages mimicking a blockchain job listing.