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North Korean Hackers Can Perform a Worldwide Hack: Group Previously Also Accused Of Many Such Hacks

North Korean hackers
North Korean hackers

Some hackers who are identified as tied with the North Korean Government are trying to rob banks and drain the ATMs across the globe. As per the multiple federal government agencies, these people are in an effort by the cash-strapped Pyongyang regime so that they can fund their nuclear weapon program. There are spear-phishing attacks also across the globes. The people are at risk of downloading fraud files and clicking on emails which can affect their computer system. Many people are also persuaded to share their passwords and other confidential information through these hackers. The hackers are also said to target the retail payment infrastructure and interbank payment processes.

The officials of the country are quite sure that these North Korea hackers can attack the financial accounts to gather billions of dollars. These attacks are overseen by the Nations intelligence agency. The money is said to be used by Kim Jong Un to fuel his dictatorship in the country and fund the military and weapons program.

The intelligence agencies of the US and UN have tracked the cyber attack to a North Korean hacking team called BeagleBoyz. This gang is specialised in robbing banks through remote internet access. Financial institutions in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Spain, Turkey and several countries throughout Southeast Asia and Africa are the victims of them. This group has also been accused of the 81 million dollars theft from the bank of Bangladesh in 2016. An attempted 1 billion dollar hack was also led by this group on Federal Reserve Bank Of New York. North Korean hackers performed 13 million dollars hack from India’s Cosmos Bank which had three layers of defence mechanism in 2018.

As per the U.N. investigators, the capabilities of the attackers from North Korea have become quite skilled and dangerous. The attackers have been practising these hacks from quite a long time. There are dozens of ATM hacks performed by them. Although, officials from North Korea have denied hacking any financial institution of any country.