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Orange says their business customers’ data was exposed by ransomware attack

Orange telecom
Orange telecom

The French telecommunications company Orange has confirmed that they did face a ransomware attack earlier this year. Now, this is not the first time that we are seeing a telecommunications company being attacked by hackers right now due to the cyberattacks going on around the world.

It is also known that this might not be the last time a cyberattack has hit any telecommunications company around the world. Coming back to the ransomware attack, Orange has confirmed to Bleeping Computer that they did undergo an attack at the start of this year.

As far as Orange is concerned, it currently has “266 million customers and 148,000 employees” and also is known to be the fourth-largest mobile operator in Europe. The reason we are talking about this ransomware attack is that Nefilim ransomware operators added Orange to their list of companies recently attacked.

We have noticed them saying “that they breached the company through their “Orange Business Solutions” division”. Orange said that “A cryptovirus-type computer attack was detected by Orange teams during the night of Saturday 04 July to Sunday 05 July 2020. Orange teams were immediately mobilised to identify the origin of this attack and has put in place all necessary solutions required to ensure the security of our systems.

They added that “According to an initial analysis by security experts, this attack has concerned data hosted on one of our Neocles IT platforms, “Le Forfait Informatique”, and no other service has been affected”.

“However, this attack seems to have allowed hackers to access the data of around 20 PRO / SME customers hosted on the platform. Affected customers have already been informed by Orange teams and Orange continues to monitor and investigate this breach. Orange apologises for the inconvenience caused”. Orange’s employees are the most at risk due to these attacks because customers are told about the breach first while employees are the last.