Home Cyber Security Over 800,000 users’ data can be leaked through Digital Point webmaster forum

Over 800,000 users’ data can be leaked through Digital Point webmaster forum

Taiwan hacking
Taiwan hacking

A leak has taken place in associated with Digital Point webmaster forum. According to the research of WebsitePlanet research team and cybersecurity researcher Jeremiah Fowler, it is said that there is a secure Elasticsearch database. The database consists of over 62 million records. The data in these records belong to around 863,412 Digital Point users. All of this data was leaked. The investigation took place on the 1st of July. The information which is leaked contains the name, email ID and internal user ID number according to the team. All of this information was made public through the leak.

The internal records and user post details are said to have stored in an open database. Examination of the database was carried out. The examination was conducted to know the details about the owner of the database. The researcher carrying out the examination also noticed a set of data relating to forum members. The forum members have reportedly flagged posts. The reason for these reports was mentioned as spam. Some of the users also reported and accused it as “bad business dealings,” and also “petty and personal.”

The database is accused of normal data theft and also phishing. Other than that it is also said that the database could be one of the reasons to surrender to nMeow Bot. Meow Bot is a type of an automated script. This automated script is also one of the reasons for the compromise of thousands of unsecured database in July. MongoDB and Elasticsearch databases were actively compromised in July. As per the team of researchers, it is said that the database which is not password protected is the target of every hacker. The database can be stolen or deleted by the hackers very easily. A disclosure notice was also sent to Digital Point on 1st July.