Florida Teenager said to be the ‘mastermind’ of Twitter hack pleads not guilty

Twitter hack mastermind

Last week, we reported that the "mastermind" behind the Twitter hack was found and it was said to be none other than a teenager from Florida who is just 17 years old. Twitter pressed charges against this teenager and said that he will be prosecuted as an adult because the allegations against him are serious. Now, we have a...

New York man’s Facebook account hacked based on the ISIS hacking pattern

Facebook account hack

We know that most of our data that we have already uploaded on the internet and also the more data we upload on the internet, everything has the potential to be misused. So it is said that only share data that you want to be seen by others and keep private the things that need to remain private. However,...

Travel Giant CWT reportedly paid $4.5 million as ransom following an attack

CWT travel firm

While the news is still very fresh that Garmin was recently hacked and this was not a simple hacking but rather a ransomware attack which meant that its services were down and encrypted. Also, the new report that Garmin had to pay in multimillion dollars as a ransom in order to get access back to its system files is...

There was a bug in Zoom letting users crack meeting passwords in minutes

Zoom meetings

Zoom has been under a lot of scrutinies ever since the platform has become one of the go-to in order to make a video conference or do a virtual meeting ever since the pandemic started. One reason why it became popular was due to the number of people it could allow in the same meeting at a time. Since...

Garmin received a decryptor to recover from WastedLocker ransomware attack

WastedLocker ransomware

One thing that has been reported quite a lot is the fact that Garmin, the company which makes fitness bands and fitness apps over the world, was hacked. Also, the fact that this was not just a hack but a ransomware attack too made things worse. As we all know, ransomware attacks are the worst of attacks were all...

China-backed hackers reportedly ‘targeted COVID-19 vaccine maker Moderna’

Moderna vaccine firm

You must have heard that a lot of complaints have been filed against Chinese and Russian hackers that they are trying to interfere in other countries' matters by hacking inside their systems. Now, we know that nothing can be done about the hacks but something can be done if they are state-backed. And this is the reason why most...

Florida Teenager arrested as ‘Mastermind’ of this month’s Twitter hack

Twitter hack

There were a lot of talks about how the Twitter hack that took place earlier this month took place in the first place. There were reports that sim swapping was used to gain access to a Twitter employee's account and then the Twitter hack was conducted. One report also emerged which revealed that hackers got access to Slack channel...

Garmin suffers outage thanks to a ransomware attack as per reports


While we have been talking about hacking and ransomware attacks, it is known that they have become quite frequent and have targeted companies that are famous too. Such is the case with this latest report from today where it has been reported that Garmin which is a brand in the fitness bands as well as known as the GPS...

Cybersecurity developed to detect hacks in critical smart devices by researchers

IoT devices

We have kept reporting about hacks taking place in the world, almost everywhere in the world, apart from their source countries such as China and Russia as well as North Korea from a while now. It is also known that hackers have targeted almost everything ranging from the medical field to the companies working in the technology sector among...

Slack user credentials are available online but hackers are not interested as per reports


We have heard so many times that a so-and-so platform was hacked or a platform in connection got hacked and now the credentials of that platform are available online or on the dark web and that hackers are selling them at cheap prices. However, we have a new type of report which is related to Slack known to be...