Researchers found a loophole in PayPal’s security but the company is not worried


PayPal is one of the most popular services out there when it comes to sending and receiving money internationally. While we know that every country has their own payment services nationally, the case is different internationally. This is the reason why a service named PayPal is popular for people who transact across borders.... known to be using AI to connect customers with commerce

JD stores

It is known that the applications of AI are endless and it is for the right person to understand where they can apply this technology to make the best out of it. We also know that many have started to use AI in order to get simple things done that would have instead taken a long time...

Microsoft AI and Bode partner to form ‘digital quilt expert’ platform

Bode and Microsoft AI partnership

We have seen that there are a lot of fans of antique pieces and artwork and people love to collect them. However, it is mostly seen that antique pieces have a place in elderly houses and most of them are showpieces in modern homes. Therefore, it is also understood that there is no...

AI could help predict the next pandemic before it arrives

AI pandemic prediction

While everyone around the world knows about the COVID-19 outbreak by now, we know that it started from Wuhan, China and has spread across all parts of the world right now. However, you might not be aware that there have been a lot of developments prior to the spread of this virus that went somewhat unnoticed for...

Singapore proposes cybersecurity label for home routers

Cybersecurity label for IoT devices

One of the first things that we get exposed to during our time on the internet is via the routers from where the internet is getting delivered to us. Since this is our entry to the world of internet, it is also one of the most targeted points for hacking. Also, there are millions of routers around...

Clearview AI sued by Vermont over “oppressive, unscrupulous” practices

Clearview face recognition

Last week, we reported that Clearview AI had a rough time because of the fact that their systems got hacked and this meant that their facial recognition data got leaked. Now, it is known that most of the clients for Clearview AI are law enforcement agencies and security services which use their facial data for tracking and...

Majority of security professionals trust cybersecurity findings by human over AI

AI-based findings

It is a fact that AI is taking over our lives in many ways that we could never have imagined. There are also talks about how AI could be taking jobs that were traditionally done by humans. Also, AI is taking over the cybersecurity field as many of the new findings have been made by computers instead...

China builds a new earthquake monitoring system based on A.I

Chinese earthquake monitoring system

You must be aware that the applications of artificial intelligence in our lives are huge. This technology can be used anywhere and everywhere and we now see one example of it. According to a new report from China, the country has built a new earthquake monitoring system. And this system is reportedly using AI to detect earthquakes.

Millions of Android tablets are at risk of a cyberattack: Report

Android tablets

If you have observed the smartphone industry, you must be aware that Android is believed to weaker in terms of security compared to iOS. Now, there are various reports which reveal that the claim is not true. However, we know that there is a problem with Android which is not so much with Apple and iOS. This...

T-Mobile reveals cyber-attack which allowed hackers access to user data and employee emails


One of the biggest telecommunication companies in the US, T-Mobile, announced something that should worry a lot of the US users. The company said that its security was breached yesterday. They also revealed that the breach affected both its employees as well as its customers. Also, they said that their security team was able to stop "a...