Google now lets you set up 2FA security keys from your Android phones for security

Physical Security Key

It is a fact that Google has been working quite a lot in the field of cybersecurity to provide as much protection for its Android platform as possible. However, there is a perception that Apple's iOS is better in terms of security. There are still many instances where Android has been proven more secure than iOS. To...

Carnival Cruise lines hit by Cyber-Attack

Carnival Cruise lines

We have seen all sorts of firms getting hit by Cyber-attacks. However, this must be something new for everyone as it is reported that Carnival Cruise has been hit by a Cyber-attack. Princess Cruises which is a part of Carnival reported that they have been hit by a Cyber-attack and that this happened back in May 2019....

Cyberattack hits Evraz North America forcing it to shut down

Evraz North America

We know that cyberattacks are bad for any type of business and they can halt the operations for days or weeks in any organization. However, it is particularly bad in live institutions where robots are being operated and machines run the factory. This is exactly what happened at Evraz North America which is a factory where heavy...

To predict the future of Cybersecurity, you need to think like a hacker: Report


It is a fact that Cybersecurity is a threat right now for everyone out there and it is similar to the threat of war. This means everyone has to make themselves aware of them and also fight against them. However, we have seen that attackers widely known as hackers are too smart for...

Companies still facing difficulties in implementing Cybersecurity despite new tactics: Survey


You must have seen that a lot of effort has been made to secure the companies from getting hacked as much as possible. This is because a lot of confidential data is available with those firms that could cause problems for users whose data gets leaked. Also, concerning part about those leaks is that the data gets...

Israel is using AI in healthcare on the back of its lead in Cybersecurity

Israeli startup using AI in healthcare

Israel is one of the top countries where you will see a lot of the advanced technologies being used in the field of cybersecurity. You must have heard that Israel is great when it comes to its military but its online security is also as good as that. Now, we know that they are the global leaders...

Balbix awarded as Hot Security technology of the year for AI in Security


Balbix, a company which is providing the first system for cybersecurity posture transformation in the industry, has revealed that they have been chosen as the AI Tech Trailblazers. For context, this is an annual award given by Tech Trailblazers for the companies that have done the best job in field of cybersecurity. Balbix says that they are...

SpaceX, Tesla and Lockheed Martin data were stolen due to cyber attack

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

There is a saying in the industry that even in the event that your company has not been attacked by cybercriminals, it is possible that your data will be available to them. This is exactly what has happened to companies such as Tesla, SpaceX and Lockheed Martin recently. Because according to a report by Forbes, it looks...

‘Business-driven’ cybersecurity research centre to be set up by RMIT

RMIT research centre

It is known that people have been researching quite a lot regarding cybersecurity which includes the ways in which cyber-attacks take place and also the possible ways to avoid those attacks prior to them taking place. We have also seen researches being conducted in order to develop immunity against those attacks. Now, this happens in research centres...

Microsoft’s antivirus software is coming to iOS and Android for enterprise cybersecurity

Microsoft Defender

One of the moves that major technology companies are making right now is to focus more on enterprise users rather than normal users. Now, we know that there are lots and lots of companies that develop for both normal users and enterprise ones. But it is a fact that most of their revenue comes from enterprise users...