The era of AI, ML makes it tougher for Cyber Security: Report


It is a fact that the more we advance in terms of technology, the more there will be threats to the security of our devices. Now, this includes cybersecurity as well which is the process of being secure in the online world. We know that many antivirus software is available but most of...

Facial-recognition company Clearview AI’s hack reveals its entire clients’ list

Clearview AI

We have seen that the hackers can be extremely harmful for companies since they can access any and every part of a company's database if there is breach inside the system. Now, there have been instances where even the best of companies such as Apple, Google and Facebook have been hacked. However, we know that this takes...

Cyber Security needs AI with human spirit says Microsoft

Ann Johnson

One thing we have seen a lot of people talk about in the world of cybersecurity is that there are always concerns and then there are ways to combat those concerns as well. Now, we have seen that two big words in the industry have been said a lot right now. These are Artificial Intelligence and Machine...