Twitter acknowledges DMs were accessed of 36 users during last week’s hack


Last week, we reported about a Twitter hack that can be said as the most extensive hack on Twitter in a long time or maybe ever that also caused a lot of financial damage to the users of the platform. This is because hackers took control of some of the celebrity accounts on the platform and tweeted a Bitcoin...

Remote workers are being targeted with ransomware attacks now

Remote workers

Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world and lockdown situation has been imposed, we have seen the trend of everyone working from home and the fact that there is no other option tells you people have to work from home. Now, we knew that for those who have never worked from home they would feel it difficult...

UK says Russia’s cyberattacks are an ‘urgent threat’ to national security

Russian hacker

We have heard the UK government, as well as the US, saying that Russia is trying to hack into their medical systems in order to gain an advantage of the virus vaccine situation. Having said that, we saw a report yesterday which revealed that Russia has already had a deal with Oxford which is the promising vaccine from the...

Argentinian ISP asked to pay $7.5 million ransom by hacker gang

Telecom Argentina

It is no secret at this point that ransomware gangs have been quite prevalent and that hacking is going on everywhere right now. It is also a fact that most people who have been attacked have had to pay the ransom and there was a report we did yesterday about a company that prevented the attack but still had...

Enigma code machine known to be rare and hardest to crack sells for $437,000

Enigma machines

We know that despite the fact that nothing is safe on the internet, there are still machines that are hard to crack and one of them is the Enigma machine. In fact, this machine is put on record to be the hardest machine to crack and decrypt and that it has just been sold in an auction. According to...

Here is how the Twitter hack took place according to a cybersecurity expert

Twitter hack

We have all known by now how the worst Twitter hack of a decade took place last week when a hacker got inside the systems at Twitter thanks to the internal tools available to their employees. Not only that, the hacker gained access to some of the best and well-known celebrity accounts and then posted tweets regarding a bitcoin...

Cloud provider had to pay ransom even after stopping the attack

Ransom demands

A strange thing has happened to a cloud provider as per the latest report we have received from ZDnet in which it is said that the cloud provider was attacked by ransomware. Now, the problem here is that if the ransomware attack is successful then there is no way you can escape without paying ransom since all files are...

Orange says their business customers’ data was exposed by ransomware attack

Orange telecom

The French telecommunications company Orange has confirmed that they did face a ransomware attack earlier this year. Now, this is not the first time that we are seeing a telecommunications company being attacked by hackers right now due to the cyberattacks going on around the world. It is also known that this might not be the last time a cyberattack...

US, UK and Canada claim Russia is hacking virus vaccine trials


While we know that Coronavirus vaccine trials are going on and we also know that US' companies such as Moderna and Gilead Sciences have shown promise that their vaccine is working which is great for humanity as well as it will help in closing the pandemic early. But we have a concern from the cybersecurity world right now because it...

Twitter got hacked last night, Bitcoin scam run from verified accounts as well

Twitter hack

Last night when half of the world was asleep due to geographical differences, we saw that the North American users were totally having a rough day on Twitter. This was because according to confirmed reports, Twitter was hacked last night. Now, this was a hack which users couldn't do anything about because it is reported that the hacker got...