28000 Printers Hacked By The Researchers To Make The Authorities Understand Importance Of Printer Security


Recently, around 28000 printers were hacked by some ethical hackers around the company. A group of researchers from CyberNews alerted the authorities about the potential risks that can be caused by this hack. The risk was from the potential connected devices. The research team also search for the printers which were at most risk in this hack. There were...

North Korea Hackers Can Find Their Way Back To Hacking US Files

Malware research

The US authorities have warned all of the companies in the country against the North Korean hacker gang which is said to resurge. The North Korean hacker gang will target the US financial institutions and cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world. A report and alert has been issued by the U.S. Department Of Homeland Security regarding the same issue....

Cyble Has Warned That The Hackers May Have Breached The Data Of Paytm Mall


A US-based cyber research firm called Cyble has recently clarified that Paytm Mall was under hack. The firm also said that the hack was undertaken by a hacker group with the alias 'John Wick'. As per the report by Cyble, it is quite clear that the hackers were able to breach the data and gain unrestricted access to the...

North Korean Hackers Can Perform a Worldwide Hack: Group Previously Also Accused Of Many Such Hacks

North Korean hackers

Some hackers who are identified as tied with the North Korean Government are trying to rob banks and drain the ATMs across the globe. As per the multiple federal government agencies, these people are in an effort by the cash-strapped Pyongyang regime so that they can fund their nuclear weapon program. There are spear-phishing attacks also across the globes....

CyberAttacks On Schools Can Force Them To Close Classes And Delay Learning

Security guard

Recently, Mitchell County Schools were under serious ransomware attack. The school was all set to start online classes for all of the students but could not get their computers out of the safety mode. Later, the administration was quite clear that they are under a ransomware attack. The hackers have infiltrated the organisation's network and have posted a ransomware...

Tesla’s Employee Was Called By A Hacker To Hack The Company’s Files For $1 Million

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Recently, a Tesla employee in Nevada based Tesla Gigafactory was offered 1 million dollars in August just to hack the services of his own company. The hacker was a 27 year old Russian namely Egor Igorevich Kriuchkov. The hacker communicated with the employee of Tesla through WhatsApp messages. Tesla employee and the hacker had met way before this scenario....

Iranian Hackers Gives Fake Whatsapp Calls To Their Targets For Job Interviews


The hackers from Iran are said to be calling the victims through WhatsApp. It is reported that these hackers are impersonating journalists and reaching out to victim targets through the platform of LinkedIn. As per the reports the Iranians government hackers are all set to continue their hacking business through LinkedIn and WhatsApp. They are reaching out to targets...

Fortnite Accounts Can Be Hacked If Password Is Predictable Enough


Fortnite can be labelled as the favourite game of all of the gamers all over the world but do you know that hackers are kind of making $25,000 a week because of the stolen character skins only. In a recent report which was published by the CEO at Night Lion Security, it was clearly stated that these hackers use...

Lazarus Group Launches Cryptocurrency Attack Through LinkedIn Personal Messages


The Lazarus group is said to have started the trap to grab some cryptocurrency. The attack was launched recently against one crypto organisation. The Lazarus is advanced persistent threat groups which are said to be operated by North Korea. The attacks from the group have been advanced in the last three years. It is said to be formed in...

Another Researcher Found Bug In Apple: Safari Browser Web Share API Is Not Safe


A security researcher has recently shared details about a bag which was found in the Safari browser of the iPhone. The name of the security researcher is Pawel Wylecial and he is also the co-founder of polished security form called REDTEAM.PL. He shared that the bug was reported to the company earlier this year in the month of April...