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Pastebin reportedly makes it easier for hackers to avoid detection


There are a lot of incidents recently when it comes to hacking and there is at least one incident every day where someone or a company gets hacked. However, we have seen that these hacks can get serious as well since major companies can also be involved in these hacks. Now, a new report has come to our notice and this is a report from the researchers working on cybersecurity.

According to these researchers, they have found out that Pastebin which is a platform where you can upload anything related to text has a security concern. They have said that the recent update to Pastebin has made it easier for hackers to hide and it becomes harder for security agencies to track them.

As per a statement from Pastebin which is a repository where users can post and share raw text files, on Wednesday it has discontinued a service that charged users a $50 one-time fee to search the site for new data. The problem here is that this service was used by researchers to scan “for cybercriminal activity, as hackers frequently posted stolen personal data and malicious code to the site”.

One penetration tester, an expert who checks to see if there is any scope of penetration inside the system, says that “This was used … to filter for malicious payloads that had been uploaded, or in some cases where criminals have uploaded people’s data,”. “I, for example, used it to filter for my own personal identifiers to detect leaked/breached personal data. So … it is now more difficult to research cybercrime or use it for open-source intelligence gathering.”

Pastebin’s argument is that they did this because they saw an “active abuse by third parties for commercial purposes.” and this is clearly a reference to services like Intelligence X, which charges subscribers to search a number of services, including Pastebin