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Popular app Mathway sees 25 million user records leak online


There is one more incident of hacking and also the reports that millions of users have their records leaked online has also surfaced. This is another incident in the various reports that have surfaced online ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has started.

As far as the new report is concerned, we have confirmed from different sources that the popular math app named as Mathway has been hacked. It is also known that the data of close to 25 million users from the app has been leaked online and it is being sold on various platforms such as Telegram, web hacker forums as well as on the “dark web”.

The concerning part about this report, for Mathway users, is that the hacker has successfully breached the app’s security and he has also managed to gather 25 million user accounts along with their email IDs and passwords apart from the usernames. These details are now being sold and it is possible that other details of many of these users will also be found from their account.

Also known is that the hack has been carried out by ShinyHunters who is “the threat actor also responsible for intrusions at Tokopedia, Wishbone, Zoosk, and others” as per ZDNet’s report.

Interestingly, ZDNet also managed to have an interview with ShinyHunters which is rare because hackers would not like to talk to anyone due to fear of getting traced. But ShinyHunters seems to be not concerned and they revealed that “The only thing I can say is that the [Mathway] hack took place in January 2020,”

The hacker also revealed that they got access to the “company’s backend, dumped the database, and then removed access to avoid getting detected”. This is how credentials were obtained by them from the hack which took place earlier this year which has not been revealed by Mathway.