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Private Security Guard Bought Firearms Claiming To Be A Special Agent

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Donovan Pham Nguyen, a private security guard what accused of undertaking firearms pretending to be a special agent. He was a private security guard for an Orange County retirement community. He was arrested on Monday that is 24th of August. The officials accused him of pretending to be a federal law enforcement agent and buying firearms. He pretended to be a special agent with homeland security investigations. He is said to have done this for years.

As per the reports, the accused was introduced to the members of Riverside County District Attorney’s Office by a mutual friend. He met all of the officials claiming that he was a federal agent and also showed them a fake federal ID batch. Nguyen is also accused of telling lies to the agents of US Department Of State’s Diplomatic Security Service.

Nguyen was able to buy guns without any prior permission or any money. The reason for this crime is still unknown. The accused has been working as a private security guard at the Department Of Homeland Security Facility. As per the reports, Nguyen was never really connected with the federal law enforcement agency directly. He had to leave his private security guard job at the department because he allegedly printed some fake documents.

The accused is also said to have fake profiles all across the social media platforms just to boost himself up. He reportedly had a LinkedIn profile which listed his employment as a Department Of Homeland Security Agent. He previously also participated in making a YouTube video. The YouTube video discussed immigration policies. He claimed himself to be a long time special agent in the video. Personal vehicle of Nguyen was furnished with red and blue lights plus a siren. He also excused his absence from work as special duties. The accused was although arrested by the authorities on Monday, finally.