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Pro-Trump messages displayed on hacked Roblox accounts

Roblox accounts
Roblox accounts

We have seen that it is quite common in the cybersecurity industry that accounts on the platform get breached and it is also usually seen that these accounts have their credentials literally pasted on PasteBin which is a clipboard website where anyone can upload data for everyone else to see. Now, we have seen that PasteBin also contains a lot of leaked accounts found in various breaches that are available for people to use.

One such breach was of Roblox accounts earlier and now we have an outcome of that data breach. It is known that breached Roblox accounts had been accessed by hackers and what is more interesting is that Pro-Trump messages were left on those accounts. While this makes it clear that someone who supports Trump did this, it is not clear as to whether this was done by a group of hackers or an individual.

In particular, the message posted by Trump supporter on the hacked Roblox accounts was to “Ask your parents to vote for Trump this year” meaning that this is clearly a campaign by Trump’s team or someone anonymous to gather votes for the US President for a second term in the office. It is said that these hackers “breached more than 1,800 Roblox accounts and defaced user profiles with messages”

Talking about those whose accounts were hacked, they said that “profile pages on the Roblox.com website for followers and people they followed were suddenly defaced over the weekend”.

Not only were the messages for Pro-Trump displayed on these Roblox accounts, it is known that “avatars for the hacked accounts were also modified to wear attire commonly worn by the typical Donald Trump supporter, such as a red cap and a t-shirt with an American flag and bald eagle”. One thing these users with hacked accounts said was that they used the same passwords “across multiple online accounts or using easy-to-guess credentials”.