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Remote workers are being targeted with ransomware attacks now

Remote workers
Remote workers

Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic has hit the world and lockdown situation has been imposed, we have seen the trend of everyone working from home and the fact that there is no other option tells you people have to work from home. Now, we knew that for those who have never worked from home they would feel it difficult to work from home but they have gotten used to the same. However, there is another major problem they are facing that no one ever gets used to.

This is the problem of hacking, and ransomware attacks in particular, that we are talking about for remote workers now that companies are being attacked too. It is known that hackers, who ZDNet calls as “crooks”, have started targeting remote workers and they are being attacked with ransomware to extort money. The other problem is that the companies are genuinely not able to have their resources allocated to security right now because of the hit on them due to COVID-19 situation.

It is being said that ransomware attacks have increased “with security departments unable to fully defend networks against attacks”. Skybox Security which carried out the report reveals that “We observed 77 ransomware campaigns during the first few months of the pandemic – including several on mission-critical research labs and healthcare companies,” and adds that “The focus and the capability of attackers is clear: they have the means to impart serious financial and reputational harm on organizations,”

On his closing remarks, the head of Skybox Security mentions that “The need for focused remediation strategies that are informed by full network visibility and clear, data-rich intelligence has never been more pressing,” and it is clear that security needs to be amped up as it is likely that most people will work from home till the end of this year.