Home Cyber Security Reports of a planned COVID-19 phishing campaign by North Korean hackers surface

Reports of a planned COVID-19 phishing campaign by North Korean hackers surface

Lazarus hacking group
Lazarus hacking group

We have seen that there are a lot of phishing campaigns going around the world right now and we have seen that most of these attacks are organized by hackers from either North Korea or China and we know why both these countries are doing these.

It is also known that these attacks are state-sponsored meaning that they have full resources and security if anything goes wrong. However, the problem with North Korean hackers is that we can’t do anything if they are the ones because there is no way anyone can catch not even China.

Talking about North Korean hackers, there is a new report coming out which claims that there is a plan from them to attack as many as 5 million users across 6 different countries. This attack is most likely to be a phishing scam where the hackers will send emails based on COVID-19 which might be regarding “free COVID-19 test” or something like that. Users who will click the links given inside those emails would be made targets of the scam and their information will be available to the hackers who can either hijack their systems or blackmail them.

It is known that Lazarus, the infamous North Korean hacker group, will be behind this attack and the countries mentioned in this attack would include Singapore and others. Apart from targeting Singapore, the hacking group is likely to target South Korea, Japan, India, the UK, and the US. It is worth noting that China is not going to be targetted even though the phishing emails will be in Chinese meaning that Chinese and North Korean hackers are working as a group.

Thus, it is to be noted that you should not click on any emails you receive that are in Chinese or even English that have anything related to COVID-19 such as “free testing” or “vaccine information” or anything else because they will most likely be phishing links.