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REvil Organisation Ransomware Attack: 1 Terabyte Of Data Stolen From US Brown-Forman’s Organisation


The new victim of the REvil ransomware gang is the famous Kentucky based company Brown-Forman. Brown-Forman is the reason behind the huge success of brands namely Jack Daniel’s, Finlandia vodka and Korbel champagne. Brown-Forman is a 150-year-old company working behind several brands.

It is said that the attackers have accessed Brown-Forman’s systems for over a month now, in a recent ransomware attack by REvil organisation. They have explored the system and devices associated with the company. They are also said to hijack the cloud-based services of the company.

The situation at Brown-Forman seems pretty disturbed. As per the words of a Brown-Forman’s employee, “The company detected the attack and intervened before any data could be encrypted”

However, the people at REvil group claims that they have access to almost all the data of the company. There is proper proof of all of the data which has been accessed by the gang from the company’s profile. The REvil group has launched screenshots providing a sight into the vital information of the Brown-Forman company.

The REvil gang is demanding a large amount of money to withdraw the attack that has been made on the organisation. They have clearly stated that if their requirements are not met they will not hesitate to leak the information about the company.

A Brown-Forman representative admitted that the ransomware attack impacted some information including vital employee data, speaking with the Bleeping Computer.

This attack simply means that employees of the company are vulnerable to personal identity theft and online account fraud.

However, the company is closely working with a law enforcement organisation to retain its services of data security. The officials are working hard to overcome the attack. The company’s representative has clearly stated that they are working with officials to solve the problem and that it will be fixed soon