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Russian hackers can interfere in the upcoming US elections by phishing attacks on SKDKnickerbocker

Russian state hackers
Russian state hackers

Microsoft corporation has reportedly alerted the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden about a suspected hack from Russian state-backed hackers. The concerned authorities of Microsoft corporation have alerted the main election campaign advisory firms of Joe Biden. The former Vice President and Democratic US Presidential nominee, Joe Biden can be the new target for the Russian based hackers. The hacking attempts have targeted the staff of SKDKnickerbocker. SKDKnickerbocker is the campaign strategy and communication form which is working with the former Vice President. It is also reportedly working for other prominent Democrats. The firm is carrying out its operations from the last two months.

However, as per the response from the company, it is said that hackers are not able to gain any access through the networks of the firm. The company has also said that the networks of the firm are quite tight and no one can breach any data from it. The source close to the company said that the networks are very well defended. However, the Vice-Chair of the company has declined to make any comment on the issue. The spokesperson from the company has also declined to make any comment. The attempts of hacking came after the United States intelligence agencies alerted the people of possible hacks by foreign governments to interfere in the presidential elections.

The investigations by the former special counsels have also said that the Russian government has interfered in the presidential elections of 2016. Robert Mueller also warned that the hackers from Russia will be definitely interfering in the current campaign of November presidential elections. As per the sources it is not clear yet as to which campaign was the targets of the attacks by Russia. The attack on SKDKnickerbocker can be just to gain access to the information present there. The attacks on SKDKnickerbocker also included phishing.