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Salt Lake City company prevents hacking attempts on WiFi amid COVID-19

WiFi security
WiFi security

We all know that the situation with Coronavirus is becoming tense day by day and it has come to a position where every government is locking their countries down to prevent the virus from spreading since it does have a rapid rate of spread. Now, we have also reported that the threat to cybersecurity has increased due to this outbreak and we know that hackers are taking full advantage of the situation.

We are not going to talk anything about the ethics and mindset of these hackers but they are doing it. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel because we have a positive report right now. It is revealed that a company in Salt Lake City has been able to prevent attacks taking place on WiFis at people’s homes. This company named Guard Dog Solutions has launched world’s first AI-driven solution to preemptively combat public and private Wi-Fi cybersecurity threats.

According to a press release, this system from GDS is “especially critical for remote workers, public Wi-Fi during efforts to slow the advancement of COVID-19: Guard Dog Security proactively manages Wi-Fi vulnerability with real-time elimination of threats before they can progress”

The company says that “This effort is producing massive levels of additional work through VPN connections or Wi-Fi that is vastly insufficient and will lead to new breaches and loss for the companies involved”.

Majority of the “virtual” working environments accessing VPN from homes are actually dangerous, the company notes, as endpoints on Wi-Fi systems make it alarmingly easy for hackers to access data through VPNs.

Guard Dog Solutions’ CTO and CMO says that his company uses cloud-based AI software which is unlike anything available in the market to “identify and thwart attackers engaged in unauthorized surveillance and malicious activities from inside the network and, for the first time, from the perimeter out, so you can rest at ease any time of the day