Home News Samsung launches world’s first quantum encyrption tech-enabled phone

Samsung launches world’s first quantum encyrption tech-enabled phone

Samsung Galaxy A Quantum
Samsung Galaxy A Quantum

We have seen that security has become one of the main talking points right now when we are living in a Coronavirus era where almost everyone is either at home and staying safe or working from home in order to keep their work going. Talking about work, we know that security at home is not as much as we have when there is a secure office environment. But we are forced to do so right now because maintaining workflow is also important. This applies to our smartphones too because we spend a lot of time on them and our data should be private to us only.

Talking about smartphones, Samsung has just brought a new innovation in this industry and this time around we are not talking about Samsung Displays. Because Samsung has launched the world’s first smartphone with a quantum encryption chip inside it. Talking about this chip, it is called the Quantum Random Number Generator and it will generate random numbers for your apps based on quantum technology.

This means that the regular chips we have on our smartphones right now will be replaced by this chip sooner or later and we will have a much better security experience on our phones. For example, we know that the current smartphones do have a chip inside them which is used to generate random numbers.

But they are somewhat easy to guess for hackers and software is available to crack them. Since the Quantum random generator chip is new, we will have security against hacking for a good time in the future. Also, it is much harder to crack because the numbers generated are extremely random and there is no easy pattern to crack the code. At the moment, this chip is available on Samsung’s Galaxy A Quantum which is a rebranded version of Galaxy A71 5G.